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VIP One-day Marketing Intensive
This option is for the coach, consultant or entrepreneur who wants an overview of their strengths and marketing options to jump-start attracting new clients. Through a tested series of discovery questions we will uncover the essence of your business vision, your target market, and end with a clear vision of your most lucrative services and ideal clients. Then, a full day of exploring your dreams and options, generating ideas, and prescriptions for energizing your marketing communications. You will leave with action plans -- a roadmap for what to do over the next six months. If you are unhappy with last year’s results, or not sure what to do first, this VIP Intensive is a great place to start.
Why are we different than other marketing companies?

A unique blend of Coaching, Branding and Marketing make Words That Work programs personal and different. Over and over we hear from clients that the Words That Work process gives them “new eyes” to see their strengths and business goals more clearly. Imagine the energy such clarity will give you! That alone can lift your business to a higher level.

Social networking, blogs, speaking, email marketing, etc. Nnever have there been so many low-cost or no-cost marketing options that give savvy entrepreneurs a marketing advantage! But learning, choosing and managing them can be frustrating. We cut the overwhelm by breaking your marketing communications into manageable bites so you can make strategic choices about the most effective ways to apply your time and budget and still have a life you love.

Unlike other programs that tell you how to do your marketing communications, we do it for you. Think how satisfying it would be to have a coach to support you and a “get it done” professional to help implement your marketing?

Communications is one area where you can accelerate your success if you bring in an experienced partner. If you decide to make the commitment to yourself and register, you can be sure that I will make a huge commitment to helping you achieve your vision for your career or your company.

When we started I was a frustrated consultant, and now I’m a business architect with a clear vision of what I can do for companies and how to communicate that.
Mark Brown,
Green Hat Group
“Many of Maggie's attributes go without saying. She does an excellent job of providing results herself and serves as a great guide in generating and drawing out your ideas and clarity of thought when working with her. Maggie is easy to work with while driving for timely, excellent results. I would recommend Maggie in the creation of high quality professional messaging for clients and branding/imaging for your firm.” September 8, 2010
Deborah Williams,
President, Leadership Edge

“Maggie worked with us at Impact Training & Development to up-grade our marketing materials in preparation for several trade shows.

She helped us figure out who we are -- a coach training company – and created marketing materials that really speak to our target market.

She did an excellent job and we are still benefiting from all she provided. I highly recommend her services.”

Nancy Allen,
RCC, President
Impact Training & Development
“Having dealt with a variety of marketing resources over the years that over-promised and under-delivered, I recently had the pleasure of working with Maggie on a project re-writing a website on a short turnaround. Maggie was able to quickly absorb the brand messaging we created and articulate it soundly and succinctly on the external website. The new brand came across loud and clear and the client was very pleased. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Maggie into another client requiring her skill set.” April 2, 2008
Steven Winokur,
CEO / Founder, Turning Point Strategies
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