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What if all you need to attract the clients and level of business you want is to be more visible?
There is great opportunity now for entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who have a distinct creative vision. Many successful businesses built their momentum at a time just like this. But it is easy to be discouraged and distracted by the many roles you play.
Words That Work has three programs that can put a laser focus on your marketing strategy and accelerate your success with spirit and confidence.
You can do it, but wouldn’t it be richer, easier and faster if you had some help?
Six or ten months from now, you could express the same kind of clarity and sureness about your work as our other clients.
Communications is one area where you can accelerate your success if you bring in an experienced partner.
From the inside you simply don’t have the perspective to clearly see all your company’s strengths or the marketing hooks.
Unleashing Your Genius
This Platinum Communications Program is a step-by-step program over eight to ten month’s time to define, align and market yourself or your company. Stepping Stone Assignments break down the process to help you lay a strong foundation for your brand, give you visibility, and cut through the overwhelm. You’ll explore new resources, and we’ll work shoulder to shoulder to identify what obstacles are getting in your way as I coach you to quickly release and move past them. You will choose multiple projects from a menu of ideas, like a speech and presentation, Web content, blog set-up, White Paper or article, etc. Clear, powerful communications to position you as a leader in your field. You will also receive expert audio interviews to inspire and keep your own new ideas flowing. This is a rich program for shifting your mindset and your momentum. You will walk away with greater confidence, clearer messaging and so many of the pieces you need to market yourself, it is truly a springboard to propel your business to the next level.
When we started I was a frustrated consultant, and now I’m a business architect with a clear vision of what I can do for companies and how to communicate that.
Maggie helped us figure out who we are -- a coach training company – and created marketing materials that really speak to our target market. We've had a good year in spite of the recession. Because we finally had effective marketing materials Maggie prepared for us, we participated in 3 trade shows, increasing our credibility and visibility.
I’d like nothing more than to hear you, six or ten months from now, express this same kind of clarity and sureness about your business. Yes, you created the vision. But from the inside you simply don’t have the perspective to clearly see all its strengths or the marketing hooks. Communications is one area where you can accelerate your success if you bring in an experienced partner. If any of these programs resonate with you act now, while you can save a substantial amount on registration. If you decide to make the commitment to yourself and register, you can be sure that I will make a huge commitment to helping you achieve your vision for your career or your company.
Mark Brown,
Green Hat Group
“Many of Maggie's attributes go without saying. She does an excellent job of providing results herself and serves as a great guide in generating and drawing out your ideas and clarity of thought when working with her. Maggie is easy to work with while driving for timely, excellent results. I would recommend Maggie in the creation of high quality professional messaging for clients and branding/imaging for your firm.” September 8, 2010
Deborah Williams,
President, Leadership Edge
“Maggie worked with us at Impact Training & Development to up-grade our marketing materials in preparation for several trade shows. She did an excellent job and we are still benefiting from all she provided. I highly recommend her services.”
Nancy Allen,
RCC, President
Impact Training & Development
“Having dealt with a variety of marketing resources over the years that over-promised and under-delivered, I recently had the pleasure of working with Maggie on a project re-writing a website on a short turnaround. Maggie was able to quickly absorb the brand messaging we created and articulate it soundly and succinctly on the external website. The new brand came across loud and clear and the client was very pleased. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Maggie into another client requiring her skill set.” April 2, 2008
Steven Winokur,
CEO / Founder, Turning Point Strategies
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